Hot Air Balloons


Poetry Lovers & writers are invited to join Southend-on-Sea's newest poetry group where you can while away a couple of hours discussing the classics, and your heroes, working out what makes them exceptional.

Also for the braver souls, there will be an opportunity to share some of your creative writing. You may even want to write an on-the-spot poem from a choice of prompts.


With the exciting news of Southend-on-Sea's new City Status now is the perfect time to get involved in the creative arts, in the beautiful environment that is Scott's of Southend. Let's grow together!

For a relaxed atmosphere, we have decided to limit the group to 15

Cost 2 hrs £5

Start date Tuesday 24th May 10-12 Free coffee and biscuits Provided 

For more information & to book a place contact 07745 247597